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Stepstone's team is composed of multi-talented, creative and self-motivated architects and interior designers.

Our prestigious clientele services are primordial as we are dedicated to assisting customers in every detail even minor, since every project has a unique identity and a character of its own.

Stepstone is service-oriented, built on personal dedication to our clients' needs. As a result, we have developed long-term relationships with a large number of valued clients. We believe in a team approach in order to manage our clients' projects and actively promote client participation in the development of design solutions to achieve consensus in decision making on all aspects of the project, resulting in shortened time schedules and reduced costs.

The creation of such design arises from our clients' objectives, which we seek to understand and share as our own. Success will be measured by the trust and confidence of our clients and excellence of design.

Thus, our distinct clientele includes private Villas, residential flats, Boutiques & Shops, as well as Hospitals.

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